Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Bananas, Anyone???

Just exactly how many bananas can one family go through??? I keep wondering, but I don't think I even want to know. The babies favorite food is bananas and we go through so many, it's unbelievable! Thank goodness for KwikStar....Steve routinely gets our milk and bananas there because they are cheaper. The poor kid at the check out the other day did look at Steve a little odd with his four gallons of milk (three for the babies and one for us) and seven, yes seven, pounds of bananas! And it doesn't last long! That lasts them, on average, about three days. And even then we are usually out, but we wait until we need more milk to get more bananas. They eat them with breakfast, they eat them for snacks, they eat them when waiting for meals. If they happen to see the bananas, a whine lets out and they don't stop until they get them. And they don't just share one banana. No, they each have to have their own. If you try to get them to share a banana, they will end up sharing at least three, if not four, at each sitting. I am forever amazed by this. They do love other fruits, as well. They love apples, pears, peaches, grapes (skinned and cut into 1/4ths), almost anything we have given them. None with a vigor that matches bananas, though.

They go through a little over 1/2 gallon of milk every day, also. That just seems insane to me! They don't get juice, though (I have philosophical differences with juice), and they don't drink much water. All they drink is pretty much milk.

The other food they absolutely love is scrambled eggs. They cannot get enough! They usually get them for breakfast because they are fast and easy to make. Combined they eat six eggs at each meal. Which means that I go through a dozen eggs every two days! And eggs are no longer a "cheap" food.

Bananas, eggs, and milk...I swear they would be happy as little clams if I let them live on these three foods alone!

I am not sure I want to know what will happen to my grocery bill when these guys hit their teenage years!


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! It is going to be scary to see your shopping bill when you have four boys hit the teen years! Joshua is the same way with bananas, but he won't drink much milk or eat eggs at all!

I love the pic of them with Steve too! Priceless!


Mom B said...

I think you did another banana entry once - Amazing! 7 pounds...
I am sure your grocery bills will be crazy as they get older.
Love to all!

Anonymous said...

Ok, here goes. I nicknamed them my three little Amigos. Now I am more into thinking that was wrong. Let me try this one. Hear No Evi, See No Evil, Speak Noe Evil. My Three little monkeys. Love grandpa Rick