Thursday, March 20, 2008

Waterpark, here we come!

A friend of mine goes to the waterpark every year and has invited me along before. She always goes during spring break, so last year I (obviously) didn't go with newborn triplets. This year, though, we were looking forward to it.

Yesterday, her younger daughter got very sick with the stomach flu, so they were unable to go with us. I did take her other daughter with us, though. She is seven and had a great time with Austin. Yes, crazy me, decided to take six kids to a waterpark two hours away for the day...with only one helper!

Austin and J were OK playing by themselves, thankfully, so I only had to check in with them every ten minutes or so. They pretty much stuck together and only occasionally went off in separate directions. Aidan doesn't like the "big" waterslides, so thankfully, he was more than happy to stay in the "baby" pool with a little slide. He just kept going down that slide and had a blast on it. He made friends with a little girl who was there and they went down together. The babies stayed on the other end of that same pool.

Now, I thought, the triplets would enjoy the water, but would be cautious. I really did. I was so wrong! Noah and Ethan were little daredevils! They would go right into the water. If it came up over their heads (they couldn't get the grasp of walking in the water, so they crawled), then they just sputtered to the top and went back down. Sprinklers, anyone?? They loved them! Nathanial was more cautious, though, and he took a long time to get comfortable enough to go anywhere outside the two inch water. But three babies going in three different directions, with only two people to chase after them....well, that's exhausting!

All in all, it was a fantastic day. I am completely bushed, but everyone had so much fun and it was so worth it! The pool this year??? May not happen....

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