Monday, March 10, 2008

New Blog

I have started a new blog, just for Austin and parenting a child with Asperger Syndrome. I try to keep this blog focused on the upbeat and positive things and I want to remain that way, but many times there are a lot of other things going on with Austin that don't get mentioned or get swept under the rug. It is if you wish to visit it. It is very honest and raw and will not always be pleasant, but if you would like to peek into that side of our lives, that's the place to find it.

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Anonymous said...

Hi there, all you can do is your best with Aystin and believe me when the bullies are all grown they will look back and see what kind of fools they are. As your father I just can say do what your heart tells you and try not to over react. Love ya and keep me posted,Dad