Thursday, August 21, 2008

Another Appointment

Today we had another OB appointment. Everything looks good and is going well! Little Miss C is growing and I gained three pounds :-O in the last two weeks. My blood pressure is "hanging in there" according to Dr. H. All very good things at this stage of the pregnancy. I have some swelling, but nothing major yet. I have been noticing a bit more the last few days, but it's not severe by any means. I do not have to go back for another two weeks. Yay!

Little miss is definitely developing patterns that are extremely recognizable. She's still very quiet, very similar to Nathanial in there (which would be a great personality to have!). She moves a bit in the late morning, then again in the afternoon, and around 11 every night, she gets hiccups. She also tends to have a ye old time in there at that hour. That is her most active time of the entire day...probably because I'm trying to sleep! Her newest thing is to see just how far under my right rib she can wiggle herself. Ouch! That has not been pleasant! It's not too bad, though....compared to the triplets! I'm really cherishing this time because I know this is our last baby and I want to enjoy every minute of it. Feet/butt in ribs, heartburn, hips aching, little stretches, hiccups, soccer try outs....everything. I cannot believe that in one month and two days she will be here!

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