Friday, August 22, 2008

18 Month Visit

The boys went in for their 18 month check up. They are all doing great. We discussed their speech...they still do not talk to other people in anything recognizable and I am getting really concerned about the "twin" speak that's going on. Because they just got tubes in last month, we are going to wait another 3-4 months and see how they are doing. If I still have concerns, then we will look into something more. Otherwise, because they weren't hearing for so long, they seem to be doing pretty well. They interact with each other amazingly well and it is fascinating to watch them. They talk to each other and answer each other. They have been comforting each other if someone gets upset about something. They tickle each other...that's hilarious to watch! And they play together really well. Of course, they also fight, bite, push, and hit each other, but I think that's because they have no other way to express anger and frustration. At least I hope so!

As for their stats. Nathanial is, for the first time in a long time, shorter than Ethan. I was noticing in the last couple of weeks that it appeared that way, and I was correct. Nathanial was 32", he weighed 22.8 pounds, and his head was 18". He is about 10th percentile for weight and 20th for height...I think. His head was almost fifth percentile.

Ethan was 32 1/4", and weighed a whopping 23 1/2 pounds, and his head was also 18". He actually went up one growth curve on his weight. I was concerned when I heard that (the boy likes to eat!), but he is still doing fantastic and is not disproportionately heavy. He was almost 5th for head, right around 25th for height, and 15th for weight.

Noah is now the tiniest in weight and in height, but not in head! He was 31 1/2", he weighed 22.6 pounds, and his head was 18 3/4". He was roughly 15th percentile for height and 10th for weight. His head was almost 20th percentile. Still little, but bigger than the other two.

They are doing great with their motor skills and other developmental milestones. Nathanial's third lead level also came back in a normal range, so we are now pretty positive the first high one was a lab error. Nathanial and Ethan's iron levels came back at 10.5 (hemoglobin), so that is also good. They are able to discontinue their iron drops and then we will redraw it in three months. If it stays up, then no more drops. They actually liked them....ewww! At least we didn't have to fight them to get them to take it! They did not receive their MMR vaccine because of the baby. They also do not have to go back in until they are two! That'll be a little odd...going from every three months to six months. I have to admit, it will be nice, also.

Steve and I went on our anniversary date tonight and had a lot of fun. We hit a few garage sales on our way out of town. Didn't really find anything, but it was fun to go without any kids. Then we went to our favorite restaurant, but the wait was almost an hour and we decided not to wait. We went to a BBQ place instead. I am not a huge fan of BBQ, but Steve is. It was OK. I really liked my fries and coleslaw. We both got rib tips. I stupidly (without asking even Steve) assumed that rib tips would be removed from the bone and not have much fat. Wrong. They are still on the bone, just cut into more "manageable" pieces. So I didn't eat a whole lot of them. The portion sizes were huge and we brought home the equivalent of one whole meal. We also got bread pudding and that was really good. Then we went shopping and just generally enjoyed our evening sans children.

All in all, it was a good day for everything!

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