Monday, August 25, 2008

First Day of School!

Aidan's first day of preschool is today. He was a little nervous, I could tell, but also excited. This year, they wanted to do a four day preK class. Because of the 3-4 class, a four day could not be figured out. So, they are going longer hours on the three days they are there. I am so excited by his new hours! He goes to school at 12:15 and then can be picked up anywhere between 3:40 - 3:50. The babies will be getting their full naps (yay!) and I can pick up Austin first from the bus, then go get Aidan. Austin's bus gets to town at about 3:35 at the high school, then we just zip over two blocks and pick Aidan up at the preschool.

His class size this year is much larger than last year. Last year, he had 8 kids in his class. This year there are 14! That's a lot for our town and the afternoon class. There is another Aidan in his class, also, so our Aidan is now Aidan C. He had homework to do, so I made sure he knew to put the Aidan C on it. I knew it was coming sooner or later anyway. The funny coincidence is that Austin is Austin C in his class and there is an Austin S. Aidan is now Aidan C and there is an Aidan S! I hope not all of my children go through this, but inevitably, they probably will. I gave up on original names when Austin's name skyrocketed the year after he was born (he's the oldest in his class) and Aidan's skyrocketed the year after he was born (he's also now the oldest in his class). I clearly remember after Aidan was born, being asked to repeat his name, how it was spelled, asked what it meant, etc., etc., etc. Now it's "oh, another Aidan." Ahhh!! Ethan climbed way up the year we named him (I believe it's number 2 or 3). Nathanial is now in the top 100 and so is Noah. The new baby's name has been climbing on the name charts lately, but it is a classic name. I don't even care anymore.

When I asked Aidan if he was nervous about going, he said "No, Lily's going to be there and she'll remind me of Sarah." Sarah is last year's "love." He's still upset she went on to kindergarten without him. He likes Lily, too, though, so I'm sure he will be fine!

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Kasey said...

Lily was relieved to know that Aidan would be there, too. He drew her a pink circle today. :)