Monday, February 9, 2009

Color Scavenger Hunt Walk

Because the weather has been just beautiful (high 40's and 50's), we have been able to take a few walks. Today, we took a Scavenger Hunt for Colors walk...specifically, the colors Aidan is working on in Preschool - black, white, brown, blue, and red. It was fun.

Our walk was filled with TONS of brown - like lots of fun, muddy, brown puddles to jump in: And, of course, lots and lots of white snow everywhere still
We saw the neighbor's red, white, and blue flag blowing in the wind:Aidan got out his red with white and black Harley Powerwheels at the end of the walk We can't forget the white with brown trim and black tires bus - affectionately known as "Bertha"

The white and brown bare tree branches were very pretty for a change

A red with white writing wagon and black wheels that (oops) got left outside way back in November

The red fire hydrant

Lots of black tires at the tire shop

Aidan's red, white, blue, and black bike

Blue steps; blue and white bucket; white post at the vegetable stand a few blocks away

Aidan's blue and black helmet; our blue stroller, Nathanial's blue coat

A red and white sign on a brown post

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