Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Two Boys + Mischief = ER

I will survive. I will survive. I will survive. I just have to keep repeating this to myself.

Last night, I was getting Hannah's diaper changed and Noah wanted a new toy opened. I was in the process of opening the new toy and Ethan brings to me a nearly empty bottle of Pepcid Complete. He had to get a step stool, take it to the counter, climb on the counter and still reach for the bottle, but he found it and got it open. He was starting to spit out some of it because he wasn't sure he liked it anymore. I quickly went to find Nathanial who still had one in his hand and screeched when I tried to get it away from him. Poison Control, here I come....again.

So I called Poison Control. Usually when I call, they ask all the questions and then quickly say, watch for these signs and if they don't show up, they're fine. This time, I was met with silence. Then, I was put on hold. On hold!! She came back in about a minute and said get them to the nearest ER for charcoal immediately. Apparently, the Fentadine in it causes heart arrest and because we knew there were at least 15 tablets missing, but had no clue who had more, they both had to have it.

Poison Control was supposed to call the ER, but it took them longer to call than it did for us to get there. Nathanial and Ethan each had to have 1 gram, which equaled 5 mls, of activated charcoal. My mind was racing as to how we were supposed to get this in them. Never fail - they love taking medicine. And apparently, that extends to activated charcoal. They took it great.

Then we had to sit there for an hour and a half while they monitored the boys' heartrates and watched them. They got chocolate milk (a first) and two popsicles each (another first) to help them get rid of the icky taste. We were told they may get sick from the charcoal, but they didn't.

This morning, everyone is doing better. Ethan did get sick at some point during the night (he's full of it this morning) and he's looking a little more pail than Nathanial but he's up and about.

Austin was a fantastic help last night. I knew I wasn't taking two little people to get charcoal by myself and asked if Austin could stay home with Noah, Hannah, and Aidan. We assumed at that point, we'd go, get the charcoal, and come home. Austin stayed home with them and did fantastic. By the time we got home, Hannah was in bed (she takes a nap around 7 every night and he put her in bed for it), Noah and Aidan were fed, and Noah was also fast asleep in bed. I was shocked he thought of all that! He found a can of chili in the pantry and paired that with hotdogs (the only reason we keep canned chili around) and pretzels for supper. I'm very impressed with him and very proud of him for thinking of everything and doing so well when I really couldn't concentrate on all that.

Hopefully, this will be the first and last time for all of this, but somehow, with these three, I doubt it.


kasey said...

thanks goodness everyone is ok

Anonymous said...

I am so glad everyone is okay - Awesome job Austin!!

Man, you have your hands FULL- I know, I know... better full than empty, but they are still full.

Love you,

Anonymous said...

Grandpa Rick is glad and thank God for taking care of my little buddies. I am surprised Noah didn't get involved. Austin your a wonderful grandson.I Very proud of you. Love to all

Anonymous said...

Oh my! My mouth is hanging open at the thought of all these little feet and hands getting into things! I pray for you often and thank God that HE is there even when you cannot be.

Give that awesome big boy Austin a HUGE high five from me!