Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Boys and Their Cake

We had a pretty low-key birthday yesterday. The boys' "real" party won't be until the 21st, but I wanted to celebrate their actual birthday, too. Ethan had a follow up for his ears. Thankfully, there is no more tissue in his ears, so no surgery. Yay! Then they had their first Happy Meals (not first McDonald's - just the first time they each got their own Happy Meal). Then we came home and gave them cake. Not a real healthy day by any means, but we're back on track today.
Noah, Ethan, and Nathanial - trying to get a quick picture of them with their cake.

My battery died, so of course they had to start digging in while waiting. They loved each getting "Happy Birthday" sung just to them. This was Noah's turn. Digging in - yummy!

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