Monday, January 4, 2010

Family Christmases

Christmas has been a lot less stressed since we started staying home on Christmas Day for our own family and doing our extended family on weekends surrounding Christmas. This year, we had Steve's side first and enjoyed ourselves. It was fun to see how much better Hannah is starting to get to interacting with Kendra...they are gonna need to stick by each other as the only girls in a sea of boys!

{Hannah looks like she's telling Aidan something, which I loved;
Aidan and Kendra help Hannah open a gift.}

{Aidan's - and everyone else's! - favorite gift of Christmas by far was this guitar!}

{Everyone diving in to different's hard to keep track of it all anymore!}

We then returned to Dubuque for a weekend to have Christmas with my mom and grandparents and my dad. It was a busy, but very fun, weekend!

{Granny and my mom with Hannah - I love these pictures!}

{Chris, solidifying his place as favorite son in law with the Lukken-making!}

{There are always plenty of presents!}
{It has become a new tradition that Austin helps Michael pass out gifts.}

{Plenty of time for lots of fun after gift opening and eating is done!}

The next day, we had Christmas with my dad at my sister's house. It was a fun and relaxing day that went by all too quickly. Unfortunately, my camera battery died and I did not bring the charger with me! I didn't get very many pictures, but love the ones I did get!

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