Friday, April 25, 2008


Last night, we had severe thunderstorms with flash flood warnings. We woke up this morning to lakes everywhere in town. Steve was unable to get out of town (due to closed roads) until 7:30, when he went way out of his way just to get to work. Most of this is sheer rain water. We do have a small creek running through downtown, where the damage is the worst. It is technically, I believe, a "river," but growing up on the mighty Mississippi, it is a creek to me. Our basement has a french drain and the water is staying inside that, but you can hear it rushing when you open the door. Thankfully, we had a wet basement the first year we lived here, so we learned early to never leave anything on the floor. Everything is on shelves down there, so we have no damage. Just two houses down, our neighbor across the street is flushing his basement out and the other neighbor has a lake across his lawn and driveway. Aidan came running in to tell me about it this morning, so then we went out for a ride and here are our pictures. School was canceled because most highways running into Sumner and Fredericksburg are flooded and therefor, closed. However, Austin still went on his fieldtrip to the Minnesota Zoo today. So he is gone. Please pray for his safe return this evening. Also please pray for the devastation brought onto some of these families. They will be facing huge financial set backs, I am sure. Cars were in garages, which are now under, so you can imagine. Please just remember these residents in your prayers.
This is part of our utility company, partially under water. Behind it is our baseball fields, completely flooded. Behind it a little ways is the creek, so this is rainwater and overflow.
This is a house to the right of the utility company, above. Next to and behind this house is the city parking lot and a park.
This is the same street, from a different angle.

This is our city park. As you can see, the speed limit sign is all but completely under water and the pavilions and equipment are almost all under, also. Running a ways behind the park is also the creek.
This is one of the houses. This is the street in front of a few houses. Another house:

This is all rainwater. This is our neighbor's yard and driveway.
This is where the creek is rushing over the road.
And, lastly, we did garner some attention from the news station. Guess I'll be watching tonight!

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