Thursday, April 24, 2008

OB Appointment

Today I had another OB appointment. Everything went well. My blood pressure is starting to climb, so that's not so good. However, I was rushing all morning long, running at least 20 minutes late, so rushed even more. I almost ran to his office, hoping to sit for a few minutes. No such luck. Today, of all days, he was running exactly on time and I didn't even get to sit and calm myself at all. So I think that may have contributed to the slightly higher reading. Stress.

The baby's heartrate was 156, still strong! And boy did s/he not like it! Exactly like Aidan, as soon as he put the doppler down, the baby rolled...and I felt it. That's the first roll I've felt. Pretty awesome! Then s/he kicked and kicked at it, so we got a lot of noise today. Finally found the heartbeat. It is always such a relief and so reassuring to hear that.

My loving OB pointed out that he just realized I will have six kids. I thanked him for reminding me, as if that little fact has failed me recently! He asked how many more we were going for and I reminded him we discussed the tubal at my first visit. He remembered, but said once again he'll wait until I'm in the OR to really believe me.

He also asked if I was feeling any movement yet and I said I thought I was. He said since it is the fourth pregnancy, he doesn't doubt at all that is really what I am feeling. He said you know what to look for after that many times and I probably really am.

He feels my lack of energy and still quesiness might be due to some dehydration and wants me to drink more. I hope that's all it is. This pregnancy has been rough, as far as exhaustion and icky-ness go. He said he highly doubts I'll ever truly get the second trimester burst of energy though. His nurse asked if I had any energy before I was pregnant. Good point.

Next month we found out if this baby is a he or a she!!! I'm so excited!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi to all and it sounds like the babyt is doing well. Thats great news. Love to all. Grandpa Rick & dad

Sharing His Plan said...

I was catching up on your blog and was like OB appt? oh yeah maybe her annual (cause i just did mine), then i was like DUH! She's prego!!! Oh hun, I so miss being online and I only have two kids. I can't imagine having three Levi II's LOL :) You are in my prayers and love the park photos and wow what a flood!