Tuesday, April 29, 2008

So Funny

Last night, after supper, Ethan and Noah started playing hide and seek. I had no idea they would play this way together this early. They often do things together, but not like this. This was adorable. Noah was hiding in the kitchen, and then he would come crawling fast out and see Ethan and they would both break down and giggle. Then, Ethan would hide behind the drapes in the dining room, he'd go running into the kitchen, and they'd break down and giggle. They did it for about ten minutes and were out of breath by the time they were done. It was hilarious! By the time I got around to taping them, though, they were finished (Nathanial was wanting some snuggle time).

I had no idea they would have fun with a game like that at this age. Ethan and Noah play together way more than any other combination and it's just funny to watch them. All three will play together also or someone will play with Nathanial, but much of the time it is Ethan and Noah. I was so worried at first that it would be Nathanial and Ethan and, Noah would be left out, but that's not what's happening. Nathanial seems to like to be alone more than the other two and perfectly content playing by himself or snuggling with me. It's amazing how they are growing....and growing up way too fast!


Anonymous said...

Hi all, next it will be mommy chasing them around and not being able to catch them. Love to all. Grandpa Rick

Buncha Blue-Eyed Monkeys said...

That is tooooooo cute!!