Monday, April 14, 2008

Wiggle, Wiggle!!!

I'm feeling movement!!! I am so excited! I have been thinking for the last few weeks that I was feeling something, but you know, not very sure. After five babies, I knew what I was feeling, but I kept doubting it because everyone says you can't feel a baby that early.

Today it is unmistakable. I (accidentally) made myself "regular" fully-loaded iced tea. I finished it about fifteen minutes ago and there is a party going on. I have felt about six kicks! They are still the little tiny ones, but they are getting stronger and definitely the baby. It's amazing. I love this part! To be reassured by the bean that everything is going well and he/she is doing good.


Gina said...

I felt my babies really early too:-) I am SO SUPER EXCITED FOR YOU!


Becky DeMent said...

Trista! i'm so thrilled for you! something tells me this one is a girl! what do you think? please keep in touch..i think about you so often and wonder how you are getting the updates! if yo8u do have a boy then we can be the MOMS of 6 boys! lol not too many can say THAT ! lol love ya girl! take care of yourself and rest when you can ! (ya right! LOL)

Mom said...


You CAN feel movement this early - I felt you and Michael very early - I was bowling when I felt you move - like a little butterfly!

Enjoy this time!