Monday, December 8, 2008

Aidan's Surgery

Aidan got his tubes in and had his adenoids removed. He did pretty well. The hospital we use is just incredible for little people - actually probably for people of all ages, but they are so good with our kids. This is the fifth surgery our boys have had there (Aidan twice, triplets each once) and it just gets better every single time, I swear. Today, they had a music therapist come in for 45 minutes prior to the surgery and she sang songs with Aidan. She had all sorts of fun instruments for him to play with and he loved it. He got to play the drums, jingle bells, wind chime things, choir bell like things, thunder tubes, shaker eggs, all sorts of stuff. It was awesome and he was so relaxed when she was finished. He waited about 15 minutes after she left and I can't imagine how differently that hour could have gone if she hadn't shown up. They were running late, so he was a little nervous when she came in, but quickly warmed up to her. I wish I would have gotten a picture of him with her, but we were all very happy to just "play" for a bit.

While he was in having the surgery, someone from massage therapy came up to give me a massage. Sweet! I wasn't able to partake, though, because Hannah was eating, but did have a nice chat with the massage therapist.
A local women's group at one of the churches makes blankets for each of the kids (yes, we have five now), someone gives them a hand knit hat, and the anesthesiologist gives each child a little teddy bear all dressed up in surgical garb, so they get plenty of "good stuff" also.

Aidan was done in about an hour. Dr. B came in and said everything went well and Aidan followed after about another 10 minutes. He was not happy. Poor little guy was in so much pain in his throat, he just cried and cried. He got ice cream and that helped a little. We tried to give him lidocain to no avail - he spit it all out in my hand because it tasted "disgusting." She pulled his IV and we decided it would probably be better if we left sooner, rather than later and as soon as we were given the "all clear," we were gone. Aidan was much better by the time we got to the elevator and almost like his old self by the time we got to the car.

He wanted a cheese burger and fries for lunch - I really didn't think he could eat it. He did eat 1/2 the cheeseburger and about 1/4 of the fries, much better than I anticipated. He has been almost back to 100% this evening, other than being tired. He slept all the way home, but hasn't taken a nap today. He did lay around watching Narnia this afternoon. Now, he is getting ready to put lights on the tree and watch A Charlie Brown Christmas. It's a good night for it - here in Iowa, the roads in our area are totally ice covered and there is expected to be a good bit of snow by the end of tomorrow night. It was a great day for Steve to take off. I didn't have to worry about his drive home and Aidan and I were home just as it started getting a little nasty.
And now, he wants to sell lemonaide to his father. One cent a glass - I think he can handle it!


Just me said...

I'm glad Aidan is doing well after surgery. What a tough little guy!

That's neat that the hospital does all of those wonderful things for the children:) Music therapy is a great idea! When my oldest daughter had her tonsils out, the hospital had a clown that came in with a puppet and some neat toys and she entertained her for a bit. She loved it!

I love the once cent a glass lemonade! LOL That's great;)

Gina said...

Praying for him, but he sounds like he is doing well overall. Love the pics of the lady sucking her thumb. I had two of those - but both quit once they sprouted teeth at 6 mos. Blessings!


Anonymous said...

Hi there buddy. So glad that your surgery went well. You will be a lot better off from here on. We are getting very excited to see you at our family Christmas. Love to all Grandpa Rick & Grandma Pam