Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas with Grandma Janet

Christmas at my mom's was cancelled on Sunday due to really icky weather, so we went today. Prior to leaving Nathanial and Ethan had to go see the ENT due to the nasty ear drainage they've had for about a month. We've tried drops, then an antibiotic. Today she vacuumed both their ears out and then cultured it and put them on stronger antibiotics. Hopefully it will work. We came home to no heat, so had to call our heating/plumber guy over. Not looking forward to that bill at 10:30 pm on Christmas Eve! The day was great, though, and we all had fun.

Noah is a sticky, chocolatey mess! Nathanial is waiting to open presents.
Ethan's begging for more chocolate.

The two girls - Emma and Hannah
Daddy and Noah (I think I have almost this exact same picture from last year...)

Austin waiting patiently.
Austin and Uncle Michael all ready to pass out presents.Aidan opening his Leapster (I didn't get a great shot of him afterwards).

Everyone gathered 'round to check out the Leapster.

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