Thursday, December 11, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree!

How does it happen that out of six children, only one goes with to pick out and cut down the tree?? Well, it was very cold and Austin always complains about going with to do it, so we put all the babies to sleep and left Austin to "babysit". Aidan, thankfully, still enjoys going to do it. Next year, the triplets will be old enough to go traipsing through the snow to pick one out so I hope Austin enjoyed his warmth this year!

This was the first year we let Aidan carry the saw. (Notice Steve is a little hunched over - it was blustery this year!)
I had to get a picture of Aidan from the front The tree Aidan and I agreed upon - after Daddy nixed the first three! Aidan inspecting Daddy to make sure he's doing a good enough job.

Cutting down the tree The tree is down!
After getting the tree shook and baled, Aidan enjoys hot (luke warm, really) chocolate on the way home.
We had fun, just the three of us. I am looking forward to future years with everyone out there also!


Gina said...

What fun! We still need to get our tree assembled and decorated!



Mississippi Songbird said...

You have a beautiful family.. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.