Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas with the Calonder's

Yesterday we had Steve's family's Christmas. It was icy when we were getting ready to leave, so we decided to just try to get there and if it didn't work, it didn't work. By the time we had been out about 45 minutes, it got much better, so we continued. Unfortunately, it was headed the same direction we were. On our way home, it was nearly impossible to navigate on the major highway, none the less the minor ones we were going to have to encounter to get home. Thankfully, we were not far from Steve's sister's house, so we stayed there for the night. It was awesome of her and her family to put up with eight extra people for a night. By the time we left in the morning, the roads were much better.

It also happened to be Steve's 40-something birthday. I'll be kind and not mention how many. Early 40's, and we'll leave it at that...

Daddy and NoahGrandpa Kenny and HannahShane is so nice to put together one of the tractors the triplets got. (Trust me, they were frustrating to get together when we went to do the other two!) Noah is so happy it's together.
Aidan the Clone Warrior.
Daddy and his birthday cake - Noah and Aidan are "helping" to blow out candles.

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