Thursday, December 11, 2008


The trees lighted and the angels on top - all ready for Austin and Aidan. Steve making sure at least a few ornaments make it to the top of the tree. Austin and Aidan placing their ornaments. Aidan's conglomerate on the bottom of the tree.

Austin and Aidan in front of the finished tree (we didn't put on all the ornaments this year). This lasted until the next morning - we now have, oh, six ornaments on the tree total and the rest are carefully arranged under the tree. The guilty three shall remain nameless...

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Brandi said...

That last bit cracked me up - we have the same situation. The bottom 4 feet of our 6 foot tree are bare due the little 2-year-old terror. And I only have one of them - I imagine 3 would be quite the handful. ;)