Friday, December 5, 2008

Hannah's dedication took place on Sunday and it was wonderful. Our boys were all baptized and that meant a lot to us, but there was something so special about Hannah's dedication. It meant so much more to me. I am so happy we had her dedicated and glad that the church we are now attending does dedications instead of baptisms for infants. It was something that both Steve and I believed in before and was what we would have liked with the boys.

Pastor Luke read from 1 Samuel about Hannah dedicating Samuel. It was great to have that scripture included (we asked) as that is where Hannah's name came from. For those unfamiliar with the scripture, it tells of a woman (Hannah) who is infertile for many years and prays to be blessed with a child. When she is finally blessed with Samuel, she dedicates him to God. She goes on to be blessed more children because of her faithfulness to the Lord. After struggling for so long to get pregnant with the boys and then being blessed with a pregnancy after much prayer, Hannah seemed very appropriate to Steve and I for a daughter. I pray that she is as faithful as Hannah in the Bible.

It was a beautiful dedication and it was the perfect way to end Thanksgiving weekend - publicly committing our daughter and promising to raise her for God, thereby thanking God for this miraculous gift. We were so thankful our families were all able to attend, even with the snow!

And, we even got a family picture at the end of the day (not the greatest, but what do you expect with three squirmy toddlers??)!

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Pattie said...

What a beautiful dedication!! And the family picture is incredible...we're still working on one ;-) HUGS!!!

Anonymous said...

She is so beautiful! It was a wonderful dedication. You have been truly blessed!

Gina said...

What a beautiful picture of Hannah at the top - and family pictures are so worth it, even if "imperfect" and "real"! Right Jackie Sue?

Love and blessings upon the family!


Sharing His Plan said...

I love the dedication and the last family photo! Perfect for the xmas card!!!! IMO!!! :) AWESOME Right Gina!
Jackie Sue
PS: You ARE looking Good momma!