Monday, October 29, 2007

I've Been Blessed...

Here is what the creator of this award says:

"It's about reading someone's story that grabs hold of your heart, and after you've moved on .... you remember, and are reminded that you've been blessed. It's about faith, and love and hope for ourselves, our future, our families and those we love. It's about empowering women and standing strong together. It's about the fight we have in us to survive relationships, abuse, cancer and loss of loved ones. It's about overcoming struggles that make us stronger and who we are today. Simply, it's about love. Loving one another."


A few weeks ago, my friend Helena (Thrice Blessed Momma) honored me with my very first blogger award. Gina (Everyday is a Precious Gift) also gave me the award. I am so touched that they thought of me for this award. Helena and Gina have been dear friends for a long time. Helena has been a huge support and inspiration to me as I raise my boys. She is a single mom of triplets, with special needs. She understands the struggles I go through and she is so strong. Gina has also been a single mom, so she understands that struggle as well. They both have been wonderful to know and I feel incredibly blessed that I am able to call them "friend."

The person that keeps coming to mind is Pattie (Seeking Karma) to pass this on to. She has been incredible to get to know over the past year. She had her twin boys one day after I had my triplets and also has five kids. She gets through this crazy busy time with a lot of humor and she is a true joy to know.

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