Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween is finally here!

Aidan was so excited for Halloween that when it is actually upon us, he isn't quite sure how to be. He had a great day!

Right after school, we picked up Austin and headed over to the hospital to go trick or treating there. Each department and the nurses station had someone handing out candy, and one was handing out toothpaste...that was brilliant! Nathanial, Ethan, and Noah were getting a little ornery, but overall doing well.

Austin wanted to go to the nursing home as soon as we finished at the hospital because he wanted to see the lady he read to last year. So, we went there next and boy did they have fun there. All the residents were thrilled to see all the kids coming through. Everyone was commenting on the babies and I felt bad for Aidan because he was kind of left out of things. But, thankfully he didn't mind too much because he was getting candy. Austin finally got to see Grandma Mae and talk to her a few minutes. He asks to go see her a lot and thankfully he does see her at church, but I have to just set aside time for him to go see her some afternoon. He really misses his visits with her.

We went home then and fed the babies, then headed out again. Nathanial, Ethan, and Noah didn't last real long at all this time, so we only went a few blocks. We went home then to get them to bed and Austin took Aidan to a few houses right on our block. Aidan loved that Austin took him and Austin loved going along with him alone. I got the babies to bed and Austin resumed passing out candy while Aidan and I went a few more blocks. He was so funny as he was walking. He would go to people's houses who he knew and would say to me "I didn't know she had a BROTHER!!!" (And it was her son!) Then we went to another one and he said "I dind't know she had a DAD!!!" (It was her husband!!) Thankfully, he waited until we were away from the house to say it to me! By the time we got home from our alone time, Daddy had just gotten home, so Aidan got to "scare" him. He was thrilled and I do believe this is the first year Steve has gotten home early enough to see Aidan in his costume and awake. That was very nice!

Austin loved passing out candy...he thought that was a lot of fun. We got way more kids than we normally do, but this year more houses on our block had people home to actually give out candy, too. It was nice to see a steady stream of kids. I hope it goes this well again next year!

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