Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The Other Side

Steve was home this afternoon with the boys...alone. I had a doctor's appointment and he came home to "babysit." I hate that word when they are HIS kids, also, but that's essentially what it is...especially considering what I witnessed upon my arrival home. Nathanial, Ethan, and Noah were taking naps when I left, but starting to wake up.

I came back home two hours later, when what to my wondering eye does appear, but Steve's "solution" to keeping the boys in the living room. See, they had not yet discovered that they could get out on either side of the couch until last week. When they found out there was freedom to be had on the Other Side, they went after it. All week, I have discovered babies following me...everywhere. So, yes, that means, fantastic, I now have FOUR visitors when I need to, ahem, you know. One was bad enough, but I knew this was coming.

Back to yet another one of Steve's genius ideas to his version of "baby proofing." He has their toy basket blocking entry to The Other Side between the bookcase and the couch. Between the couch and the fireplace, he has placed an excersaucer. Seems brilliant, right?? Wrong. THIS is what happens when you block it with an excersaucer....

You are seeing correctly....that is Nathanial stuck in the excersaucer. He seems happy here, but trust me, not so much three seconds before.

So if you're wondering....excersaucers do not make great baby gates. Trust me....we've tried.

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Helena said...

Trista ~

Until the day Andrew died, when I had the kids 24/7, my MIL called what I was doing "being a Mom". And she was right. But whenever Andrew had the kids - alone - so that I could enjoy a night out with triplet mom friends once a month, go to a Weight Watchers meeting, get my hair done, whatever, well, she called that "babysitting". And no matter how many times I corrected her, telling her that when your with your own kids, and you're not getting paid for it, it ain't babysitting! She never understood.

Soomehow, Moms parent, but Dads babysit. Identical job, two different job titles. Doesn't seem quite right, does it?