Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Let there be light!

Finally, after 6 years without an overhead light in our kitchen, we have light! About a year after we moved, our light went out in the kitchen. We tried new bulbs, new fuses, everything. I decided I was going to hold out on a new light, because I wanted a new kitchen. The lights above the sink and stove still worked, so although it was a little dark, it wasn't bad.

Then Aidan came along and I knew I probably wouldn't get a new kitchen for a little while and I didn't really have time to worry about it.

Then the new roof came and all that entailed. At that time, I wanted to put in french doors on the dining room, but our contractor actually advised against doing that until we redid the kitchen and could close up the door there along with putting in the new doors. So I waited and dreamed some more...

Then I got pregnant with the triplets. Well, now it's obvious I am not getting a new kitchen any time in the next, say, twenty years, so I started working on saying something about the light. But, still, there really wasn't too much time to worry about it. And after six years of having none, who really notices anymore?? Not us, that's for sure.

And, then, two weeks ago, it happened. The light above the sink, our "main" light, fizzled. It was now officially time to call in the pros...The Electrician. I had to make time now, because now my lamp from my living room is being used to light our kitchen.

The Electrician informed me that I needed to go buy a new light and then he would install it. Isn't there a way I could pay him to do it...rather than taking five ornery kids out to do it?? Besides, this wasn't in the schedule and Austin is going to be rather torked to have to go out.

Then, a brilliant solution. Leave Austin home and try to find one in town. It made us all happy. I'm happy to find it here, without taking everyone everywhere to find one; Steve's happy about the gas; and Austin's thrilled he doesn't have to go to Waterloo. I did find one light for the ceiling and one for the sink all in one stop here in town. It isn't as beautiful as I would have picked elsewhere, but, hey, I'm still holding out for The New Kitchen.

I called The Electrician back and he came to install it. Lo and behold, the #$%@ thing wouldn't work! So, he got the sink one in fine and it worked, then decided to try a new switch. That worked. Twenty minutes and he was done. This is why we hire professionals. Steve and I would have been there all day, hollering at each other, both torked, and still would have had to have called anyway. At least we both know we can't do it alone!

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