Friday, November 16, 2007

Time Alone With Austin

Austin and I have been going to his afternoon appointments with his doctor alone the last couple of times. Steve comes home from work and then I go pick up Austin and we go. I have come to cherish these times in just the short amount of time we have done it.

He doesn't generally talk to me much about anything anymore. He talks sometimes, depending on his mood, but it's usually just little tidbits here and there. Getting him to expand on anything is like pulling teeth.

When we are driving to these appointments, however, he has began to open up to me. He talks the whole way there and back. So much so that I almost long for the silence, but not quite. I love that he is talking to me. It isn't anything profound or deep, it's just real conversation, which is becoming increasingly rare lately. It is nice to have this window into his world and have him telling me what is going on.

We even had to do a little grocery shopping this time and, even though he really didn't want to, he was pleasant throughout it.

I'm getting a lot less "I'm just going to read my book now, OK, Mom?" on these trips than I have in the past or even when others are with us. It's really nice because I know the silence is only going to get worse long before it gets better...and I'm cherishing what I have right now.

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