Friday, November 9, 2007

Busy Day

Today we had the babies’ nine month check up and Aidan's conference.

I can’t believe they are nine months old!! They are doing awesome! Everyone is right on track to where they should be. They are definitely not behind in anything! Yay!!

Nathanial was 17 lbs, 15 oz and 29 ¼” long. His exam was perfect. He’s still the easiest of the three by far.

Ethan was 18 lbs, 4 oz and 28 ½” long. His head is taking a bit of a drop on the percentile charts, but Nathanial’s was also on the small side, thankfully. He said that he would be more concerned if he wasn’t keeping up developmentally, but since he is, someone has to be in the bottom 5th percentile, right? He has really, really dry skin but that was his only “issue.”

Noah was 18 lbs, 14 oz and 27 ½”. He has been having some issues with dairy, so we talked about that and we are just going to lay off all dairy with him until he is 12 months old and then try again. Since having their colds, he has also been extremely ornery lately and pulling on his right ear, so I mentioned that. It is a little red, but not infected (whew!), so we are going to try some numbing drops. If they help, then we know his ear is bugging him. If it doesn’t help, then it is something else. I hope it helps because he is exhausting lately!

We are having horrible jealousy issues, especially with Ethan, but also with Noah. Ethan gets very jealous whenever anyone else is being held or getting attention. He can be playing peacefully, but if he sees someone else get picked up, he hauls a$$ and moves over to wherever I am and whines or all out cries until he gets picked up.

Also, toys…they are become a huge issue! When someone has a toy, someone else will steal it, it’s guaranteed. Never matters how long they have had it, someone will find out and will take it. Then, they fight over it for a while and then someone gives up by throwing themselves backwards and throwing a temper tantrum. Nathanial is the worst about stealing toys. He wants what ever his brothers have!

I had Aidan’s conference this morning for school and it went really well. He’s doing great for his age. He’s a little behind with his motor skills and attention span with his classmates, but for his age, he’s doing awesome. All in all, very good. I have finally talked Steve into letting him start school when he is 6, instead of 5. All it took was seeing the age of the other kids in his class and he agrees it isn’t fair to send him. Our school district is insane with how early they cut off kids, so there are kids in his class who will be 6 in January and February and not in school yet! That’s not about to change, so we will just hold Aidan.

It was a great day. The babies finally took a nap when we got home (man, were they ornery after holding it off for three hours!) and are now getting up and happy.

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Dad said...

O what blessings you have. Keep being wonderful parents that you are and all will come out great. Love,Dad