Monday, November 19, 2007

Two Steps!!!

It has happened....way too soon! Nathanial took two steps!!! Very wobbly, but two steps nonetheless. I believe Ethan and him are competing to see who will walk first. They both stand for several seconds without holding on to anything. Lately, I have been beginning to think Ethan will walk first, but maybe Nathanial will pick up the pace and do it. I cannot believe that at only 9 months they are even attempting this stuff!! Austin walked at 10 months, 10 days and Aidan didn't even try until he was 15 1/2 months old. I was kind of hoping they'd be closer to Aidan, but it appears they won't be. Noah is still very nervous. He will cruise right along beside them and stand up with them, but he never lets go and clenches on to me or Steve very tightly to be sure we don't let go. But, he does follow them pretty closely, so if they walk, he probably will sooner rather than later.

I know I keep saying it....I am sooo not ready for this!!!


Becky DeMent (pcos mommies) said...

I LOVE IT! your boys are so cute Trista! you are very blessed as i'm sure you know and as the mom of 6 boys i am rejoicing w/you over every new discovery, etc. THE fun has just begun! thanks for sharing the pics..i can't believe how big the guys are already!

Grandpa Rick said...

O my this is such wonderful news. Hey boys you all get your acts together or Noah will be leaving you in the dust. Grandpa can't wait untill next summer when I get to take all you guys to the fair. Am I in trouble or what???? Love ya all so very much

Anonymous said...

Your last few posts made me smile and LOL! It sounds like real life over there - full of the stresses of life but also so full of the blessings. . . . COngrats on the new walker(s), I laughed out loud at silly Aidan's comment, and last, my heart was warmed reading about Austin and Mom time. Love to all there!