Thursday, November 22, 2007


This year we had my family Thanksgiving. This has been pretty stressful in the past because we have to have two huge meals in one day and everyone gets ripped off. My sister came up with a brilliant idea. We had Thanksgiving with my mom's family at Grandma's today and tomorrow we will have Thanksgiving with my dad at my sister's.

Today was a wonderful day! We were all so relaxed and we actually got to enjoy the holiday. There was no stress, no rushing around, no worrying about how much to eat (or not eat), and we didn't feel like we were cheating anyone. I loved it! It helped a lot that my boys were actually pretty good, too!

A little sad is watching my grandma. I have always been very close to my grandparents and that has been one of the hardest things about moving away from home. My grandmother has Alzheimer's. I used to not notice the slight differences in her when we would visit. It is becoming more and more obvious every time we go back. She did not make any of the food this year and that was hard to see. She has always been an amazing cook. Grandpa made a fabulous turkey, though! (He has always made the meat and it is always awesome!) Grandma asked one of the kids, in a joking way, what his name was. But it was very clear she had no idea which child he was. That was heartbreaking to me. I knew it was coming and I know my younger kids will never know the grandma I know. She used to play baseball with us and run around. She has always been so much fun. She is still fun, but she is quickly forgetting more and more. I know that I am lucky to have any grandparents alive, but this is still hard...

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Mom said...

Trista -
I had a wonderful Thanksgiving also with all our family there!! - one of the best of my life-- It indeed was relaxing and the kids had so much fun with hide & seek, and all the other fun things they did. We were talking about that again tonight at Grandma & Grandpa's. Grandma was much better this evening - She does do better with just a couple of people. It is sad to see her slip away from us, but her joy and the fun we had with her will always be in our hearts and our memories. She's quite the Rita - Still has a great sense of humor (Most of the time!)
I love you and am glad you enjoyed this holiday as much as I did!
Love ya!