Monday, November 26, 2007

Another Doctor Visit

Today we went back to our doctor for a recheck on Nathanial (what the ER doctor wanted us to do) and took along Noah. He has been very cranky and whiny. A different kind of whiny than normal...he just is miserable. Then he'll put his left ear on the floor and stop crying and just lay there like that for a while. So, he went along.

Our doctor felt like Nathanial is getting better from the prednisone (I agree) and we will just watch him. He has his last dose of prednisone tonight, so he might have a little revert in the breathing again. If he does, then he will just add a few more days to the course.

Noah has a little redness and fluid in his ear, but nothing major. We are just going to watch that and continue to use his numbing drops. If those quit working, or if he is still running a fever in a couple of days, then he wants to recheck him.

Ethan, Aidan, and Steve also have nasty colds. Here's hoping and praying everyone gets better soon!! (And I don't get it!!!!)

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Dad & Grandpa said...

I hope all is getting better and will pray for a speedy recovery. Love Dad and Grandpa