Thursday, July 10, 2008

OB Appointment

I went in today for my one hour glucose and my regular OB check. Three weeks ago, my blood pressure was awful, so he made me come back early this month. Today, it was awesome. It was 124/72, with a trace of protein and some swelling. So although the bp is down, I still am exhibiting signs of preeclampsia. But not awful enough to warrant another early visit. Yay!

I lost the one pound I had gained, so that isn't so good. The baby is doing great. Her heartbeat was great, measuring on time, and is happy as a lark in there. She still is pretty lazy, but that's alright. She rolls more than kicks and get a ton of hiccups. Still no delivery date set, which is fine by me! It seems unreal to me that in a little over two months we will have another baby in the house. I just still can't seem to wrap my brain around it, but I am so excited. We finally have her car seat bought and ordered the we just have to finish cleaning out her room and painting it, putting together the crib, and all the little stuff. Shawna (my sister) and her kids are coming out to help me get everything together and spend time with us and I am so excited for her visit!

I did the one hour glucose and they messed that up. She called me back, drew my blood and said I could be on my merry way. I'm glad I've had the test a few times to know enough that I wasn't finished. When I asked her about the drink, she was all surprised and didn't realize that's what I was there for. So she got me the nasty beverage, I drank it down, then went back and got drawn again. I did flunk the flipping thing a mere 8 points (148)! Apparently, I flunked it by 13 (153) with the triplets and still passed the three hour, so that's what I'm hoping for now. I do that next week. Fun, fun. Lots and lots of reading time, I guess.

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