Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Try, Try, and Try Again

Agh! Well, I failed the one hour glucose, but not by much (148). Then, I passed all but one area of the three hour. The fasting. According to Dr. H., the most important one. So, then, to be sure, he wanted me to do an a1C, which measures the percent of sugar over a three month period. Dr. H's nurse called and I passed that one...."but barely." She said it was 3.59, I thought, which is actually still well within normal ranges. So I think I may have heard her wrong and she actually said 5.9, because that makes a lot more sense (4-6 is "normal" according to all my research). I could have sworn she said 3.59, though.

At any rate, they are not calling it gestational diabetes, because it really isn't, but because the level was on the high side, they want me to watch my carbs. Hello?!?! Do they not know these are the last eight weeks I can actually eat carbs?? For the rest of my life??? I guess not. Well, she didn't actually say cut out all carbs...she said be careful. No juice (don't do that anyway), pizza, pasta meals, etc. I have to measure my fruit from now on and make sure I only eat one actual serving. So I guess eating the entire bag of bing cherries is out? Yes, I was assured, it is. Only 1/2 cup. Hardly seems worth it! Chips and salsa...goodbye, my love. Mozzarella sticks...oh, how you will be missed!

Thankfully, I had a handy little diabetic cookbook sitting around that I was using a lot before I got pregnant and I am remembering I actually liked a lot of the meals and snacks from that. Alas, maybe I won't be that deprived. And, quite possibly, because I was doing such a good job watching what I ate prior to getting pregnant (after discovering I was pregnant, though, I ate pretty much what I wanted), maybe that's what pushed me over the edge this time?? Maybe?? Hopefully??

I'm thankful that it's not technically GD and I'm thankful that at least I know what I have to do. Now on to find some more good recipes....if anyone knows of any, let me know!

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