Friday, July 4, 2008

Ethan and His Lovey

Each of the babies has a favorite lovey that they received as presents when they were still itty-bitty. Nathanial had a cow, which is now MIA, so has been replaced with a stuffed elephant. Ethan has a puppy and Noah has a giraffe. They LOVE their loveys and we do not go anywhere without them! Since they are all very similar, they will occasionally switch with each other, but usually only if one of them is in crisis and the other two are OK. Otherwise, tough noogies, it's mine.

We were driving to Steve's sister's (Sue) for Grandpa Kenny's birthday from Shawna's. All the boys were tired and everyone originally had their own lovey. Nathanial and Noah dropped their loveys and then realized it seconds before they decided to take a nap. Austin was also sound asleep, so I couldn't have him reach over and hand Noah and Nathanial theirs. This is what ensued.
Ethan holding loosely to his lovey, while Noah makes a grab for it and Nathanial just screams:

Ethan decides he better hold it closer or they might just get it:

Uh-oh...Noah has been successful and is very close to la-la land now:Ethan is ticked, Nathanial is ticked, and Noah is happy as a lark:All three (notice lovey is back with Ethan) finally fall asleep....about 15 minutes before Aunt Sue's house!):

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