Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Physicals for the Big Day

Today I took, all by myself, four of the boys to the doctor. I was very proud of myself for managing it! Nathanial, Ethan, and Noah had their physicals for Monday's tube surgery.

Everyone was great. I thought Noah was starting to look more slender and Ethan more hefty and I was correct. Nathanial weighed in at 21.6 lbs, Noah was 21.8 lbs, and Ethan a whopping 22.4 lbs. He is a very slow eater and he will sit long after everyone else is finished until he is really done, whereas Nathanial hates taking time to eat at all and as soon as Nathanial is finished, so is Noah. I think that's helping him pack on and maintain his weight. All three are so busy, busy, busy it's really no wonder they don't gain very fast.

Aidan was very good and made the visit much easier for me by remaining good.

Aidan has been sick for the last few days. I don't know what is going on with him. He started throwing up Sunday night and Monday, then did OK yesterday for the most part. Today he has had terrible, extremely loose stools. He's sleeping a lot more than usual and isn't really eating, either. Whatever it is, I hope it gets out of his system fast. He isn't really running a fever with it, either. Poor little guy.


Anonymous said...

I hope that Aidan feels better soon!

Take it easy too momma;-) Good job taking all of the youngins out by yourself to the doctor. Amazing!



Anonymous said...

I sure hope Aidan starts feeling better real soon. Cael has been sick also sounds like the same thing. Our prayers are with you all on the next dr. visits. Love ya all Grandma and Grandpa Willsy