Sunday, October 19, 2008

One Month

I cannot believe it...Miss Hannah Grace is one month old! It seems like it has been mere days. And I know one month isn't a lot, but she just doesn't seem to have been here that long already. It is going so fast. She appeared to have smiled at me last weekend when my sister handed her back to me. Gas, I was sure. She smiles a lot...she doesn't really mean it. Or does she?? Suddenly in the last week, she has smiled at me a few times. Sometimes, she suddenly just breaks into a grin when I am smiling at her. She'll usually give me a big grin two or three times, then she's done again for several hours. Enough to let me know it's intentional, I think.

She is also cooing a tiny bit. She will "say" something, just once, then be done again for a while. I'm pretty sure she's learning how to do it and testing it out.

I am amazed by how fast everything is going. If only she could learn to sleep a little bit better at night - we'd have it made!


Anonymous said...

Miss Hannah is SO pretty. You have really been blessed with ALL your wonderful children-

Anonymous said...

Such a lovely little girl. You guys have a wonderful beautiful family there. Love you all bunches. Dad & Grandpa Rick

Gina said...

Miss Hannah Grace is already one month old? She is beautiful! I loved reading your updates and hearing about the kind lady who gifted Austin. :-) It made my day!