Wednesday, October 1, 2008

They did WHAT???

Aidan came to me while I was feeding Hannah and told me the triplets were getting into "whipped cream." Now, I knew this couldn't be true, because they were upstairs, not in the kitchen. So my thought was that they must have found Daddy's shaving cream and that must be what he was referring to. No big deal...that comes right off with a little water. About five minutes later, Noah came downstairs. I looked at him and quickly realized it was not whipped cream, not shaving cream, but plaster. Ahh!! What else are they going to get into??

Our bedroom door:
The floor in the bathroom where they found, and opened, the plaster:
Noah (this really doesn't do him justice - it was down to his toes):Nathanial:

Ethan is relatively clean. We're trying to figure out if he painted his brothers, or if he just egged them on:

Thankfully, after a good tub scrubbing, everyone came clean. Even their clothes came clean, because we washed them right away. Whew!


Pattie said...

Omg that is only hilarious because it could've been MINE!! except replace the plaster with my scrapbooking ink (at least the water soluable one!!) and that was our mess last week, too UGH.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they will all become The Three Amigos plastering and painting services. Gotta love it. Love to all my great Colander family. Dad & Grandpa