Tuesday, October 21, 2008

New Wheels

We finally got our "new wheels" - that is, our new quad stroller. I was so excited. Mama now has her freedom back! Aidan claimed the umbrella stroller we were using for Noah while waiting for the quad to arrive. He now puts in three stuffed animals and takes them everywhere we go. We have a little trouble navigating it through our grocery stores door, so I park it outside and take everyone in. We've done it twice and so far, everyone has been very well behaved. This is saying something because it's the first time the triplets have ever been allowed to not be in a cart/stroller in a store. Big milestone for them!

Nathanial (left) and Ethan (R)

Hannah and Noah
Everyone is ready to go!
Aidan with his stroller of babies
Aidan's "babies"

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