Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick or Treat

A light meal before we go out.
Ready to go! (They are supposed to be the Three Blind Mice. Batman is hiding)
Everyone together - the neighbor was mowing the lawn, so Nathanial was checking that out, Noah was checking on Hannah. At least Ethan, Aidan, and Austin looked at me. 50/50, not bad.

Halloween in Iowa is unpredictable at best. Every other year, it is freezing cold and we need winter coats. This year, I bought Aidan's costume large enough to put several layers under. The triplets got long johns and thick costumes. Then this happens:

We finish at the hospital and nursing home and we have three sweaty, hot babies:
(Nathanial is not happy - and I did buckle them the rest of the way, in case you were wondering)
Aidan is so hot:So we went home and stripped down to nothing for a few hours...and ate tons of sugar. Then we headed back out. The boys had so much fun. They got a little confused at first. At the hospital, you go through inside the building. At the nursing home, you even get to go into some of the residents rooms. So, of course, you are supposed to go into everyone's homes, right? After the first several houses, they finally got the hang of it. Around the third block, the sugar high turned into a sugar coma and they were good to go. Austin was very helpful to me the entire night - he got as much of a workout as I did. People felt sorry for him, so he got quite a haul of candy, too. We got home at 6:45 and the triplets were not hungry, just exhausted, so straight to bed they went. Thank goodness I gave them a light supper before we left!
[I must thank Austin for the use of his camera while we are still awaiting the arrival of my new one!]


Anonymous said...

aww they look so cute Trista.
Question: what type of van/SUV do you have and what type of carseats?
We've been looking for a van/SUV that will hold all three booster seats in one row.

Trista said...

Thanks Sarah! We drive a Ford Excursion (SUV). It was a priority for us, also, that three seats fit across one seat. I believe they do in a Chevy Suburban, also, but haven't personally tried it. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

O my the gang just keeps getting bigger and bigger and so good cute also. Love to all Dad & Grandpa Rick