Monday, December 10, 2007

I Hate Mondays

Am I the only stay at home mom who absolutely dreads Mondays?? The weekend is wonderful, routine is pretty much gone (which is good and bad with an Asperger child in the mix), Daddy is home, and everyone relaxes. And therein lies the problem. The routine is gone, everyone relaxes, and Daddy is home.

Which means the house is a mess, and the babies are out of their 12:30 on the dot naptime (in favor of "whenever it's convenient, whether that's 11 or 1 or anywhere in between), so Mondays I have to clean, clean, clean and restructure our lives. Every single Monday I do this! Ahhhh!!!

Don't get me wrong...I love weekends. I love having everyone home with nowhere to go and nothing to do, most of the time. And if we do have stuff to do, it's usually stuff we want to do and look forward to. That's part of what makes Monday so hard. Everyone is back to their lives and not home and I am here, back to speaking to a 4 year old and three 10 month olds. My speech goes back to a 2 year old level and I long for decent grown-up conversation again. Because, let's face it, by the time Steve gets home, I'm pretty wiped out for any intentional adult conversation.

Today, I'm feeling REALLY icky, so the house is going to stay a mess and I am going to take a nap with the babies instead of cleaning like I should...because I am miserable. And I'm planning on going straight to bed the second Steve walks in the door tonight, too. That's probably why I am feeling even more "Ba-humbug" about the whole Monday thing anyway.

Be gone, cold, ear ache, and stuffy head, be gone!!

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