Saturday, December 22, 2007


We are staying with Shawna and her family for the weekend because we are going to Mom's for Christmas tomorrow. Today we took the kids sledding. It was raining and still foggy when we got up (raining, in December!), so we waited for a while. That was disappointing to Austin because he was so excited to go (not a lot of hills here), but he had to wait.

The hill was huge and everyone was so excited, except Aidan. Aidan, as I figured, was terrified. He did go down, once, with Austin. He started crying halfway down the hill (I did get it on video, though...that's on dropshots) and said he was not going down "ever again." And he didn't. He made snow angels instead.

Austin went down several times, as did Emma. They went down alone, together, with Shawna (Emma) and had a blast. Cael surprised me the most. He was hilarious! He's only two and he would go down the hill by himself! Then Shawna would run down and grab his sled and he'd do it again.

Tonight, Shawna and Chris have their Christmas with Chris' side, so we get to stay home and get everyone to bed early for tomorrow.

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