Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Shopping with Austin

Austin had his doctor's appointment in Cedar Falls tonight so we did our outing alone again. I love this time with him because it is peaceful and we get to talk. And he does actually talk to me during this time. It's the only time we get alone anymore, so I look forward to it. I told Austin that tonight and he said he enjoys it, too.

We also had to get all our shopping done since I didn't have any other kids with me (aka, those who believe in Santa). We had a ton of stuff to do and he was pleasant throughout it all. He only asked once if I could finish another day.

It seemed to take forever for some reason, especially because we went really fast through all the stores, but when you add in wait time at every single store, it adds up. We finally got done with Target at 10 pm. We got in line at, I kid you not, 9:30. They only had two registers open at that time, and one was an express lane. Now why you would only have two registers open just days before Christmas is beyond me, but whatever. So we waited and waited and finally got up there. The lady kept looking at Austin and me and finally said to Austin "you must not have school tomorrow." When he said he did, she looked at me, then him, and said, "you better get home and get to bed." OK, I realize it's late, he's normally in bed by 7:30, so this is very rare. But, I cannot stand for a perfect stranger to pass judgement on my parenting. She doesn't know the whole story (we live an hour away, we have four other kids, this is an exception, not the rule, etc., etc., etc.) and she is just there to check out my goods, not comment on the time and Austin's still being awake.

I was ready to head home, when Steve reminded me I needed to stop at Staples for ink. Staples was closed, but Best Buy was open, thankfully. We ended up getting home at 11:15 and I immediately sent Austin to bed.

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