Friday, December 21, 2007

To Grandpa's House We Go...

What a nightmare. Today was a day that was meant to be fun and relaxing and it started out horrible. When we first started talking about Christmas, I thought it would be nice to have it this afternoon. Then I realized Austin would still be in school and to get to my dad's on time (two hours away) would be impossible. Thankfully, it worked for everyone to push it back and start at 5. To do so, we would have to leave right after Austin got out of school (early) at 2:00.

We woke up this morning and it was so foggy, we couldn't see our neighbors house. Lo and behold, school was delayed. That means, no early dismissal, which means no getting to dad's by 5 because Austin's bus doesn't even get back to Sumner until 4:00. Never mind the fog. I called Dad and they were fine with it being later.

Austin got home and we immediately left. Wow...I did not realize just how bad the fog was until we started going. Thankfully, most of the roads are very familiar, but it was still treacherous. We had to drive very slow because most of the way I could only see two little dash lines ahead. We stopped 3/4 of the way through for a potty stop and to get a little breather before hitting the worst part of it. Not because it was any worse outside, but because we were about to go on roads we've only been on a few times and they are windy, hilly, and no fun on a clear, sunny day in the middle of July. That part actually seemed to go quickly by, thankfully.

Finally, we arrived at Grandpa and Grandma W.'s house. It turned out to be a great night. The babies' discovered Grandma's cabinets full of tupperware and had a hayday. That was better than any present anyone could possible think to give them. They weren't into unwrapping any presents yet, but loved the paper once it was off.

The best part was being able to relax and be with family. It's so nice when things aren't rushed and we can just enjoy each other's company. I don't see or talk to my dad all that often because everything is crazy busy here right now, so I really enjoy it and look forward to it when we do.

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Dad&Grandpa said...

It was a very special day, our children and grandchildren all together. Thats what makes our world go round. Love to all of you, and thank you for a wonderful evening!!!!!