Monday, December 31, 2007

An Unexpected Date!!

Tonight Megan (who babysits for us) came over because her parents were going to be gone for a while. She didn't want to stay home alone and wanted to visit with the boys. So, I got a brilliant idea. I figured I would be shot down anyway, but I thought I might as well ask. I called Steve at work (he always works New Years Eve and New Years Day due to year end) and asked if he would want to go on a date. At first, he said he would take me to the cafe. The food there always gives me a stomach ache and it just isn't my idea of a great "date" place. The other option was the bar, which has excellent food, but is super smoky. And a bar on New Year's Eve is not exactly where I really want to matter how good the food is! So then I thought maybe we could go to a movie. He agreed!!

We fed everyone supper and helped get the babies down for bedtime (so Megan really only had Austin and Aidan awake) and then we left quick.

We went to see Enchanted. We have a 99 cent theater in town that has one movie a week, and this happens to be the movie of the week. I told Steve I didn't care if it was a cartoon, I'd go. Well, it did start out with about 10 minutes of cartoon, but it turned into a surprisingly really good movie!

Then we were home by 9:15 and Megan's parents came about 9:30, so we all toasted New Year's at about 9:45 and then Austin and Aidan went to bed. We then stayed up for the ball to drop in New York (11 pm our time...that's getting a little late, you know!) and had another glass of "champagne" (if sparkling grape juice counts??) and went to bed. It was all in all a great and unexpected night!

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