Saturday, January 12, 2008

A Fun Day

Today we went to dinner with my mom and her husband, my grandparents, and my uncle and aunt and their kids. It was a lot of fun. My uncle's kids are the same the same age as Austin, so they always look forward to seeing each other and have fun together.

It was a relaxing day and a nice time. Austin was very upset because he wanted to go back to my uncle's house to play with Alex and Sam, but it got late fast and we still had a bunch of errands to run. For how close we live, we don't see them that often. I promised Austin that we would have to find a day for him and Aidan to go visit them for a little while...and just do that. It's just hard finding time to do anything lately!

We went to Texas Roadhouse (I love that place), and unfortunately, the discovered it was my birthday and wanted me to get on a saddle in front of everyone to wish me a happy birthday! Ugh!! Thankfully, Aidan wanted to get on for me and he took my place! Nice of our waitress to announce that I was 20 today....I did appreciate that!

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