Thursday, January 24, 2008

To Bed We Go

Every afternoon for their nap and every evening for bedtime, Nathanial, Ethan, and Noah take themselves upstairs. It's a little like setting cattle free. They "sense" the gate is down, race over to check it out, and sure enough!, it's down!!! Then starts the race to the top of the stairs. Usually when this happens, the first to start the race is the last to finish. Today, I got out the camera to document the event and sure enough, they had to prove me wrong. Nathanial got to the steps first, but Ethan passed by the first step and finished first. They usually wait until after the landing to slow down and lose first position. Little stinkers!

Guys!! The gates down!!!

Here we go...

Ethan's reached the landing and is rounding the corner...

Ethan's first, Noah's second...Nathanial is on the landing.Noah and Nathanial...better hurry up!!Almost to the top!!Whew! I finally made it up!

Last one up the stairs, still the first one in my crib. Night-night Mommy. Night, Night!"See you in a couple of hours, Mommy!"

And then, I come down stairs and listen to them chat to each other for at least a half hour prior to falling asleep. It's one of my favorite things!


Grandpa Rick said...

Wow guys every day you change and grow so fast. maybe mommy will let you drive the car next lol. Kiss kiss love to all

Gina said...

Ok - Too cute there guys! There will be no stopping them now! LOL!

I love the new header/picture Trista. So incredibly sweet and touching to see all of those piggie toes!

I also loved listening to all of the music in your playlist!


Mom/Grandma B said...

I am so glad you got pics of this! I have been telling everyone about this since we witnessed it in December. They are amazing - And, so are you to give them such great routine!