Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Austin and Aidan were in desperate need of a good haircut. Their normal barber's mother passed away, so he was not available. I called my hairstylist and she was able to do it. When they go to "Barber John" with Steve, he takes a one-cut-fits-all approach, which makes me very happy because it's just a short little boy cut, nothing fancy. Austin has been begging for a butch for a long time, and I am vehemently opposed. I just don't like them. One day, he asked Barber John for one and he asked Austin to read the sign on the door. Austin said "John's Barber Shop." To which he replied, "Exactly...that means I pick the cut." I can send Austin in alone and know he's going to come out with the perfect cut.

This time, we all trouped into my salon. That was quite the experience. I generally go at night, so I don't have to take any kids and this time I had all five. Whew....never again! Aidan was first up. She cut it short, like I asked, but then she asked him if he wanted some colored gel and a spike. I really didn't think I would like it, but it is the cutest haircut he has ever had! It just suits his little personality. He has asked a few times since then to have me spike it (with orange gel) and while we don't have the orange gel, I have spiked it and it's adorable!
Austin's hair is a challenge for the most experienced of stylists. He does end up with a near-butch every single time we go in because at the crown of his head he has soooo many cowlicks, it's just a straight line of stick-up. It is also extremely thick and very wiry. This time, she used that to his advantage and also styled his into a spike. His isn't as obvious as Aidan's because his hair is so much thicker, but it looks really nice. He, though, doesn't like to do anything with his hair, so I have had to initiate the styling with him. The orange in his hair looked almost red and was really a nice color with how dark his hair is. I was surprised I didn't mind the orange! I let them both keep it in, too, for one night.

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