Tuesday, January 15, 2008

No More Bottles??

I think we might be totally done with bottles. That's a mixed emotion....thrilled and sad. Last night, the babies had over 8 oz of formula in their sippy cups with supper (they normally have five), so we decided to try going to bed without a bottle. Their nighttime bottle is usually a nightmare anyway. They are not hungry because they just ate and they want to play. Only Nathanial eats more than two ounces, and he eats a max of about four. We figured if they cried, got up in the night, or woke up early, we'd add back in the bedtime bottle. None of that happened. They were a little stunned at first to go to bed without the bottle, more out of habit than hunger, though. All three just looked at us a little funny, but noone cried.

They woke up at about 7:30, which is the time they have been getting up the last few weeks, so that wasn't early for them anymore. Instead of giving them a morning bottle, I tested giving them breakfast with their formula in a sippy, fully prepared to give bottles. They already have a sippy cup of formula with lunch, snack, and supper, so why not breakfast? They had cheerios and bananas and seemed very happy with the new routine. They have not missed the bottles at all. Noah reached over and stole Ethan's sippy when his was empty, but I just added more formula to his and he was happy as a lark again.

I can't believe it, but I think that it is highly possible we are completely done with bottles. Wow....I honestly didn't think we could get rid of them this early or easily. I wanted them done by their first birthday, but was also prepared to let them go a little longer. No such problem. I'm excited to be finished, but also sad as it is another milestone that is gone...

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