Monday, January 14, 2008

A Prayer Answered

I have been wanting to join The Body Station (our local gym) since the triplets were born, but didn't feel like I was ready to really commit to doing it nor had the time/money to do it. I decided that was where my Christmas money was going to go and I was ready to commit. Then Aidan decided that it would be a most wonderful idea to color a huge circle in red lipstick on the living room floor to "keep the triplets in." Yeah, that worked well for him. All that ended up happening was he got in a lot of trouble and babies smeared their way out of the circle. I was steaming mad and Steve just informed me that was exactly why he is so resistant to new carpet. My argument was that now we really needed new carpet. He just laughed and said, yeah, when Aidan graduates. Uhhhh....I'm pulling my hair out here!

Needless to say, my Christmas money was spent on a new, large area rug (thanks Ken and Lee!) to "cover" the nasty living room least in the whole red-lipstick area.

Now my option was to use birthday funds to cover the membership, but I knew I wouldn't make enough and would still be over $100 short. So I was trying to get creative and realized I just might have to learn how to use Steve's Total Gym until I could raise enough money. I knew I couldn't talk Steve into letting me spend that and I knew I'd feel incredibly guilty taking it when it can be used for so many other things right now.

Out of the blue yesterday, a lady I had met at a garage sale two summers ago called me and asked if I had any baby stuff left and would I be willing to sell it? Would I???!???! Of course I would! She came over yesterday afternoon and bought a ton of clothes and our swing. I was more than a little sad to sell the swing because it was still in fantastic shape and part of me wants to hang onto it forever because "what if" we need it again. Logically, though, I know that it will more than likely never be used by us again and why hang on to something forever, just in case?

The answer to the prayer is I am only $25 short of my goal and Steve is letting me join and take that money! Woohoo! I do not feel guilty doing that because I know we can afford $25. We can probably afford the entire membership fee, but I would just feel guilty taking it all. I know if I prove to Steve that I use it, he'll gladly pay for it next year.

Megan, our usual sitter, is willing to babysit three days a week right after school for an hour (cheap), so I can go, too. The other two weekdays I am going to go at night so Steve can be home and I'll figure the weekends out.

Now I have the money, the sitter, and no excuses. I am very excited to get started! I know it's going to be very hard work and I know I am going to get tired and discouraged at times, but I really need to do something. After the triplets were born, the weight just fell off (thanks mostly to nursing and PCOS). I walked two miles every night and that helped immensely. Unfortunately, it got very cold very fast this year and the triplets got much busier, so by the time they were in bed I was exhausted. Which means that then my eating went out the window and I've gained a lot of weight back. I was frustrated, but I know I can do this if I really put the effort into it...and now I'm ready!


This Mom said...

Good luck! I need to start some kind of fitness program as well, but just keep utting it off!

Mom said...

I know you can do it--You can do anything you set your mind to!