Sunday, January 6, 2008

A Little Sad...

Today we took down the tree and while we did that, I realized that the babies are getting too big for the changing table. Not only that, but we don't use it for anything anymore, other than storage. I decided it was time to take it down. We have been giving them baths upstairs, then heading into their room to dress, read a book and have their last bottle of the day. That takes care of needing pajamas downstairs. Or any of their towels, wash clothes, lotions, soaps, shampoos, etc. also. That leaves only diapers and wipes and I can probably find a less bulky and space consuming way to place that.

When we put the tree up, we moved all the excersaucers upstairs "for the time being," and came to the decision we don't need those anymore, either. So I am giving one to my cousin and will give the rest to the crisis pregnancy center or sell them.

The living room looks so bare without the changing table or excersaucers and yet there are still so many toys and other baby notions, most people probably wouldn't notice the change. But I do.

I have been adjusting their daytime eating schedule so they are ready to give up bottles on their first birthday. Now they are having breakfast with sippys and a bottle if they want it in the morning, lunch with a sippy of water at noon, a snack with a sippy after their nap, supper with their sippy, and then a nighttime bottle, which they usually don't want either. The first couple of days of no 4:00 bottle was rough on them. They love that bottle and that was going to be the hardest one to get rid of, which is why I eliminated it first. They have stood and Nathanial and Noah tried very hard to get their bottles out of the dishwasher the second day, but soon discovered I wasn't giving in. At least they haven't been too upset and are thrilled with their new routine of sitting in their highchairs and getting cheerios and fruit for a snack now!
Noah started waving bye-bye and saying bye-bye a few weeks ago and Ethan quickly followed suit. Nathanial is just now starting to do it. Noah is also signing more and all done, and Ethan is pretty quick behind him. Ethan shakes his head "yes;" not to anything in particular, but he likes to do it. They all clap and will do so big when they feel like it, also.

All these changes are making me a little sad. They will be our last children (unless there is a natural conception, which isn't likely) and I am having a hard time with them getting so big so fast. All these things are so little when they are separate, but it just feels like all of the sudden they are zooming full-speed ahead to toddlerhood and I am not wanting to give up my babies yet!!

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