Friday, January 25, 2008

12 Years - 5 Boys - 1 Sailor Suit

For Austin's first Easter, I bought him the cutest little sailor suit. I couldn't part with it and now I am so glad that I didn't! I have taken all five boys pictures in that same outfit, as of today. It started out with the outfit, a hat, and a little red tie - Austin had the whole thing. The hat didn't make it through the ensuing eight years, so Aidan had the outfit and tie. The tie didn't make it through the next four and a half years, so the triplets just have the outfit. Here are all their pictures. It has only been worn 6 times. Austin wore it twice - pictures and Easter. The rest have only worn it for pictures, since seasons didn't work out.

Austin - 6 months

Aidan - 10 months

Nathanial - 11.5 months Ethan - 11.5 months

Noah - 11.5 months


Grandpa Rick said...

Wow boys your as cute as well hmm let me see Grandpa????? Love ya all

Grandma B said...

Trista, I am so glad you have the pictures of all the boys in that outfit. It has always been one of my favorites as well!
They are so darned cute!!

Grandma B.

Anonymous said...

What a great post Trista;-) I should do the same with my daughters wearing some of the same dresses but especially the christening gown I wore (way back in the 70's!).