Thursday, January 31, 2008

Sick boys

(Aidan on the couch last night, out cold, before I moved him to laying down.)

Noah and Aidan have had terrible colds for the last few days. I finally took Noah to the doctor because he is so whiny. Nothing major with him. Both his ears were a little red and had minor viral infections, but nothing needing an antibiotic (hallelujah!). He is also teething. She thinks that the teething is the major factor for him, because he's just miserable. But he has a high fever that wasn't being helped by Tylenol. That brought it down to 101.5, so still a miserable baby. So he is to have alternate Motrin/Tylenol every four hours and his ear-numbing drops.

I sent Aidan to school yesterday and when I went to pick him up, his teacher said that he had been coughing the entire day. I felt so horrible! He wasn't that bad in the morning. He had a cough and runny nose and I thought about keeping him home, but staying home for a cough? He had no fever, so I sent him.

When Megan came to watch the kids so I could go work out, I took Noah to the doctor instead. I came home about 5, then went to work out. By the time I got back at 6, Aidan was sound asleep on the couch. She said he had been that way for a while. I left him be. I finally woke him up at 8:45 to take him temp, he was starting to feel really warm, and get him to bed. His temp was 102.8, so I gave him motrin and took him to bed. He was out cold within two minutes. He woke up at midnight, but we were still awake with a very whiny Noah, so it wasn't a big deal, to go potty, then back to bed. I figured he'd be up by 4 (his normal wake up time is 6, and that's when he goes to bed at 7:30), and he was up again at 2 to go potty, then 4. He told us it was "morning dark" (which is what he calls 6) and time for cartoons. We told him they were not on yet and go back to bed. He slept until 4:30, then Steve went downstairs with him. He turned on cartoons and was sitting up, but 15 minutes later, he was out again. He came back upstairs and got in bed with Noah and me (Noah slept with us because he was miserable in his crib) at 8 and right now, at 11:50, Noah and Aidan are still sound asleep. I am not waking them. I keep going in every 15 minutes to check them, but clearly, they need to sleep whatever this is out.

I will say that my reality is now warped. Austin is at school and Nathanial and Ethan are the only ones up with me. This is so easy! To have only two children to care for! It's odd because two years ago, I thought only Aidan was a challenge some days...and now two infants is nothing!

Everyone better be better by Sunday!!!
Aidan and Noah sound asleep on Mommy and Daddy's bed at 11:50 a.m. --->


Gina said...

Poor guys - You will be in my prayers for a quick recovery and everyone else to be spared from this sickness;-(

The picture was a classic:-) Cuties!

Grandpa Rick said...

Get better boys can't wait to see you on Sunday. Hope all is doing well by then. Love grandpa Rick